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HisHands2Go offers an affordable missions/service/retreat trip to New Orleans, a world renowned city still in the process of recovering from the hurricanes that have passed through since 2005. New Orleans is approaching the 9 year mark since Hurricane Katrina, and the need of volunteer labor for rebuilding and maintaining damaged properties remains. In addition to the relief efforts, New Orleans holds numerous volunteer opportunities to enhance and further develop the inner city communities.

HisHands2Go was created shortly after Hurricane Katrina to facilitate the recovery efforts in New Orleans. HH2G offers all inclusive lodging and coordinates the work projects for volunteer teams. The volunteers that work with HH2G are directly assisting residents and churches in their plight to return to and their homes and strengthen their communities. In addition to coordinating volunteer work opportunities, HH2G provides an environment for individual growth and team bonding. Volunteers are welcome year-round to join HH2G for a truly unforgettable experience.



All inclusive lodging - 5 days

up to 5 ppl:     $1200 base donation

6 – 20 ppl:     $200 / person donation

21+ ppl:     $175 / person donation


All inclusive lodging - 3 days

up to 10 ppl:     $1200 base donation

11+ ppl:     $125 / person donation





For more information see our policies and daily schedule.

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